House of Nature - Lommel

House of Nature

The monumental steel sculpture ‘House of Nature,’ with its 7.5 meters in height and 50 meters in width, is an imposing construction on the edge of the Sahara. House of Nature is the new starting point for all walks in the Sahara. Did you know that these routes also all pass by the lookout tower, the Giant of Bosland?


Land art by Will Beckers

Artist Will Beckers created a landscape work for the Lommel gateway to the Bosland National Park, located on Speelpleinstraat. House of Nature is intricately woven into the surrounding nature as an organic form. You can step into the artwork through a passage shaped like a human figure. The art installation is entirely made of steel; the exterior consists of thousands of steel plates welded together in a rhythmic distribution.

“A large part of my work stems from observations of natural processes. Land art offers me the opportunity to express my respect and appreciation for nature. It is part of our roots and is in many ways a lasting source of nourishment. House of Nature embodies, represents, and illustrates these values.” – Will Beckers

There is a cozy picnic area, a green forest room, and chairs with stylized drawings of animals that live in the Bosland National Park.


Adventure Forest

A buggy-friendly walking and adventure path guide you from the parking lot to the entrance gate. The path is made up of sculptures that seem to blend into the landscape. Tree trunks create a climbing and scrambling course for children.


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  • Speelpleinstraat z/n, Lommel
  • Between bicycle junction 224 and 230
  • Walking map available at Tourism Lommel or via the webshop (€ 2,5)
  • Free to visit



  • Until summer 2024: Sportveldenstraat 10, Lommel
  • From summer 2024: free parking at the Speelpleinstraat


Extra parking

  • De Soeverein, Sportveldenstraat 10, Lommel
  • Voetbalstadion Lommel SK, Speelpleinstraat 20, Lommel
  • WICO Campus Sint-Jozef, Pieter Breugheldreef 4, Lommel
  • De Lossing, Lossingsweg 21, Lommel