The large sandy plain of the Lommel Sahara resembles a desert in miniature. But the region also has clear blue lakes, areas of heather and fragrant pine and deciduous forests. Here you can hike through cool play areas, the land-artworks by Will Beckers, the pedestrian bridge and the famous watchtower!

Tip: want to see the Sahara from a height of 30 metres? Then be sure to climb the watchtower! The ‘Giant of Bosland’ is included on all three hiking loops. The pedestrian bridge, which connects the Sahara with the Blekerheide nature reserve, is part of the orange and red routes.


Hiking loops

  • Blue: 3 km (children’s walk)
  • Orange: 6 km
  • Red: 12 km
  • Brown: 1 km (connecting path)


Attention, swimming, bathing and boating is prohibited in the Sahara!

Paddling (with your feet in the water) and bobbing in a boat on the Sahara is therefore not allowed either. Water puddles, but also rivers, streams and fish ponds look tempting for a refreshing dip in the summer. But there are many dangers and risks associated with swimming and bathing in those locations. For example, there can be hidden obstacles under the water, currents can put swimmers in trouble and the ecologically precious riparian zones can be damaged. Also, the water quality is not monitored. So you do not know whether the water is suitable for swimming.

If you break the rules, you risk a fine.


  • Starting point: De Soeverein, Sportveldenstraat 10, 3920 Lommel. Follow the brown connecting trail across ‘Nieuwe Kopen’ to the starting point of the various hiking trails.
  • Parking: Soeverein (Sportveldenstraat 10), Voetbalstadion Lommel SK (Speelpleinstraat 20), De Lossing (Lossingsweg 21)
  • You can buy a hiking map €2.5 from our tourist information office, De Soeverein or here digitally.



Some of the hikes are difficult to reach by wheelchair or pushchair due to the loose sand.