If you want to see the Lommel Sahara from the air, just climb up the 30-meter-high watchtower. Not only is it an impressive sight, but it also offers a breathtaking view of Lommel and its surrounding area: on a clear day you see for 25 km! And the observation binoculars on the highest platform allow you to zoom in for a closer look.


This impressive building consists of 144 stairs and three platforms. MaMu architects drew their inspiration for the design from the interplay of lines in the sloping sand dunes of the Sahara: the ropes draped around the tower have a natural colour and appearance, and are supple but at the same time relatively heavy, making them sag. By alternately wrapping them tightly and loosely around the tower, lines are created similar to those you see when you look around you in the Sahara.


Starting point for hikers: De Soeverein, Sportveldenstraat 10, 3920 Lommel

Coordinates: 51° 15’ 06.7” N / 005° 17’ 40.9” O



The tower’s location means it fits in seamlessly with the existing walking, cycling and driving routes for optimal accessibility.

People with difficulties walking can reach the tower’s lower platform via a ramp.