Tour d'amour

Set off together and discover the Tour d’amour; a cozy rendezvous in the beautiful nature of the unknown Meysterbergen. Awkward silences stand no chance! During a 3.5 km walk, enjoyable tasks await you as a couple. Ready for a romantic adventure?


Tips for extra romance

  • Purchase a padlock at a small price from the Biehal or from Tourism Lommel. You’ll need this towards the end of the Tour d’amour.
  • Rent a hammock for free from the Biehal and bring it along for a cozy chill moment along the way.
  • Bring along a tasty picnic for a tête-à-tête in the enchanting nature.



The Meysterbergen forest is a hidden piece of nature in Lommel, less known but certainly not less beautiful. With this love walk, we want to highlight the beauty of this natural area and allow people to enjoy the tranquility found here.


Translation of tasks

  1. Tell each other what your ideal day would look like.
  2. Independently create a love artwork using surrounding natural materials.
  3. Go through the letters of the alphabet and find a fitting word for each letter related to your relationship.
  4. Play a song to slow dance to.
  5. Tell each other what the other can do or mean when you’re feeling down.
  6. Set a timer and silently gaze into each other’s eyes for 1 minute.
  7. Pause moment! Snuggle up at this picnic spot or relax in your hammock.
  8. What love advice does the lovebird give you? And what advice do you give for the next one?
  9. Take out your agendas and schedule your next dates NOW.
  10. Sit together on the stairs and take a romantic selfie. Say cheese!
  11. Whisper your shared dream into the wishing well.
  12. Immortalize your love, write your initials on the padlock and hang it up.





Hungry or thirsty?

Stop by Grand Café de Biehal!