Hiking with a dog

Dog walking areas are specially designated zones where your dog can run free under your supervision. Dogs must remain on a leash and on the paths in all other parts of the nature reserves. It’s not just children and adults who are often afraid of unknown four-legged creatures. Breeding birds and other animals also dislike dogs sniffing around and going off the paths.


Sahara (4 ha)

  • Soeverein, Sportveldenstraat 10, Lommel


Kattenbos (3,5 ha)

  • Zandstraat z/n, Lommel


Molsekiezel – Ruwe Heuvelweg (3 ha)

  • Ruwe Heuvelweg, Lommel


Aan de Leukens (2,5 ha)

  • Parkoever z/n, 3900 Pelt


Resterheide (2 ha)

  • Begijnenstraat z/n, 3940 Hechtel-Eksel
  • Diestersedijk z/n, 3930 Peer


In den Brand (2 ha)

  • Kamertstraat z/n, 3940 Hechtel-Eksel

Some guidelines

  • Keep your dog on a leash until you reach the designated areas for dogs.
  • Clean up after your dog and put it in the designated bin.
  • Dispose of other waste, such as food and drink packaging, in the ordinary bin.
  • Think of the neighbours. Noise nuisance is prohibited between 22.00 and 7.00.
  • Keep the nature reserve safe for people and dogs.