Wheelchair paths

Out and about with wheelchairs, pushchairs, prams? Bosland has several attractive trails specially designed for walkers with ‘four-wheel drive’. Because everyone has the right to enjoy our beautiful nature.



The Butterfly trail takes you through Kattenbos’ heath landscapes and fairytale artworks.

Starting point: Zandstraat (no number), Lommel

Trail: green (2.2 km)




In Resterheide you will come across playful and educational items, and an adventurous obstacle course on the Ladybird path.

Starting point: Begijnenstraat (no number), 3940 Hechtel-Eksel or Diestersedijk (no number), 3990 Peer

Trail: red (2.5 km)




The Breugelspelen hike takes you past games that seem to have been plucked from Bruegel’s ‘Children’s Game’ painting.

Starting point: Center Parcs Erperheide, Erperheidestraat 2, 3940 Peer

Trail: 4 km


De Boerentoer is an interactive hike where films, audio excerpts and a quiz teach you everything about life on a farm.

Starting point: Breugelhoeve, Weyerstraat 1, 3940 Peer

Trail: 4 km




The Wielenweg trail is a paved hiking trail filled with items for children to experience.

Starting point: Brandtoren, Torenstraat, 3910 Pelt

Trail: 1.9 km


The picturesque Dommel meanders through Dommelvallei – Heesakkerpark where you can discover windmills set against a varied landscape. All of the trails here are wheelchair friendly.

Starting point: Breugelweg, 3910 Pelt

Trail: blue (2 km), green (2.5 km), yellow (3.4 km), orange (4.7 km) and red (6.6 km).


The hiking route through Holven – ‘t Plat is packed with fun experiences.

Starting point: MS-Centrum, Kleine Boemerangstraat, 3910 Pelt

Trail: blue (1.8 km)