Welcome to Bosland

Bosland is the largest adventure forest in Flanders, where you can truly ‘achieve peace’ among the trees. This unique area in northern Limburg bundles a total of twelve nature reserves. Each with its own character. Hikers, cyclists, old and young all feel completely at home here.


Bosland is big. Very big. And there’s a lot to do here. It covers a total area of 5,137 ha and is also home to rare plants and animals. Nightjars, colubridae, tree martens, wolves and humans… they all dream here among the trees! What makes Bosland so special? It connects four extraordinary municipalities that are on the move and ready to pamper you with a big dose of traditional Limburg hospitality. Discover what you can see and do in Bosland by the leaf icon.


The Bosland project is a collaboration between the four municipalities of Lommel, Hechtel-Eksel, Peer and Pelt, Agentschap van Natuur en Bos (Agency for Nature and Forests), Regionaal Landschap Lage Kempen (Lage Kempen Regional Landscape) and Tourism Limburg.




Toerist information offices


Tourism Lommel

Dorp 14, 3920 Lommel

+32 (0)11 399 600



Also open at weekends.


Tourism Hechtel-Eksel

Don Boscostraat 5, 3940 Hechtel-Eksel

+32 (0)11 73 35 65




Tourism Peer

Markt 3 bus 2, 3990 Peer

+32 (0)11 61 16 02



Also open at weekends.


Tourism Pelt

Jeugdlaan 2, 3900 Pelt

+32 (0)11 94 94 90