The Marktplein

The centrally located Marktplein is centuries old. Until Lommel acquired market rights in the 14th century, it was just a watering place for cattle. After that the square grew into a bustling meeting and trading place. These days you can always find a lively crowd, particularly during the Teutenmarkt.


In the 17th and 18th centuries many Teuten families lived in Lommel. Teuten were travelling salesmen from North Limburg and North Brabant (NL). They sold copper, pottery, textiles, … and hair wigs as far afield as France, Luxembourg and Denmark. They were well organised and even gave credit to their customers. Because of their long journeys, they were often away from home for months.


The statue here is a reminder of the time when Lommel was one of the region’s most important Teuten villages. From the Vryheyt, it looks out approvingly on the Teutenmarkt at the kiosk, which was established to mark the 75th anniversary of Belgian independence in 1905.


Dorp z/n, 3920 Lommel