Limburg equestrian network

650 kilometres. That’s how long the Limburg rider and bridle network is. And best of all, practically the entire network is made up of unpaved paths through nature. Forests, sandy ground, dunes, heathlands, …. Limburg is full of it. Plan your route in advance with the riding map or the online route planner, and giddy up!

The riding map is indispensable for any horse lover. In addition to the signposted routes, you’ll get a handy overview of all equestrian bars, equestrian accommodation and even the location of fixed obstacles and fords. The top spots with hitching posts, picnic benches and paddocks are also easy to find on the map.

The equestrian map is composed of a network of nodes. This way you can easily plan your route from node to node. By the way, the Limburg rider and bridle paths link seamlessly to their counterparts in Antwerp province and the Netherlands. Ideal if you want to ride for miles and miles.

More info

Sound useful? Then you can pick up your riding map for free in all horse-friendly lodgings and bars in Limburg, at the tourist information offices or find it in the magazine Cap.

You can also view the map online.