Glass Market

Glass art stalls on Kerkplein. No, you haven’t suddenly woken up in Venice. Each year, on the first Sunday of August, professionals who make beautiful things out of glass and sand gather here. From fusing, to stained glass, turning glass beads, Tiffany, pâte-de-verre and églomisé … the glass art techniques are many and the results are so beautiful. Come and admire them all and take home a unique piece.


Tip: during the Glass Market, GlazenHuis can be visited free of charge and the Teutenmarkt is devoted to glass.


Address: Kerkplein, Dorp (no number), 3920 Lommel

Time: first Sunday of August from 10.00 – 17.00

Parking is free at Michiel Jansplein



The Teutenmarkt is wheelchair and pushchair friendly.