Dig out your GPS coordinates and smartphone and dive into a world of riddles! Geocaching is a kind of global, modern treasure hunt that turns even the most monotonous walking or cycling route into an exciting voyage of discovery.


A geocaching adventure begins simply enough: someone hides a waterproof box or ‘(geo)cache’ somewhere in nature and leaves the exact GPS coordinates on a website, such as This way you can then search for the different caches in a given area, while walking through beautiful spots you might never have discovered on your own. Often there are little keepsakes in the cache, giving geocaching the allure of a trade. You take something out of it and put something new back in so that the content of the ‘treasure’ is changing all the time.


Geocaching in Lommel


Ready to go find your first cache? Lommel not only has innumerable caches for you to find, you can also go on three ready-made treasure hunts to get you going in the world of geocaching. In terms of distance, these three routes are ideal for young hikers and therefore great as an activity for the whole family:



  1. Go to and set up your free profile.
  2. Go to the “search and find” tab on the website and find an interesting cache. You can also check the Google map to find the nearest cache.
  3. Open the page of whichever cache catches your eye, print the description and load the coordinates into your GPS tracker or the Geocaching app on your smartphone.
  4. Then off you go: by car, bike, motorcycle or on foot to the coordinates to start searching for the cache.
  5. Found the treasure? Add your name in the logbook.
  6. Put the cache back where you found it.
  7. Once you get home, log in again and you can enter that you found the cache in “log visit” and leave a nice message for the original geocacher.


What do you need to take with you?

  • A GPS tracker or smartphone with GPS function / Geocaching app.
  • Sturdy walking shoes and a raincoat for bad weather.
  • A ballpoint pen to sign the log.
  • And maybe a torch to help you search.