The fit-o-meter is back and better than ever. The first ones were built in the 1970s, but they looked nothing like the fit-o-meters of today. Enjoy exercising outdoors? Then the fit-o-meter is a fun challenge that you can do on your own or with a group.


No old-fashioned exercises! All of the tasks are adapted to the modern sporting world and take current training theory on board. At each of the eight exercise stations you have a choice of three levels: green (beginner), blue (good basic fitness) or red (advanced athlete). Each station covers the five basic skills: strength, flexibility, coordination, speed and endurance.


Tip: you can contact De Soeverein’s coordinator to reserve a changing room and shower.


The start of the fit-o-meter is behind De Soeverein, Sportveldenstraat 10. The course is illuminated until 23.30.

+32 (0)11 399 620