Natuurgebied De Watering in Lommel met waterpartijen en begroeiing.

De Watering

De Watering: A Unique Piece of Nature in Lommel

Discover the wonderful world of the floodplains

Step into De Watering, a source of biodiversity in Lommel. Walk through the centuries-old floodplains, where the water babbles through the ditches and the birds sing in the trees. This unique nature reserve is a paradise for walkers, cyclists and nature lovers.

A rich history

De Watering was created in the 19th century by the Belgian state to irrigate the poor sandy soils of the Kempen. The ingenious irrigation system created a fertile grassland, where hay was grown for livestock farming. De Watering is therefore a silent witness to the rich agricultural history of the Kempen.

A source of biodiversity

De Watering is home to an incredible diversity of plants and animals and has more than 350 different plant species and 120 bird species. The floodplains are therefore an important nature reserve and a hotspot for biodiversity.

Experience De Watering

De Watering is a wonderful area for walking and cycling. There are various walking and cycling routes that take you past the most beautiful spots in the area. Along the way you can enjoy the beautiful nature, the idyllic water features and the unique flora and fauna.

A tip for the nature lover:

Visit the nature reserve with a guide and learn all about the beautiful nature and the animals that live there. Also for groups. The themed walks are completely free and take place every first Sunday of the months January, March, May, July, September and November. More information about the themes and starting times can be found at

De Watering: an unforgettable experience

  • Unique floodplains with a rich history
  • Incredible diversity of plants and animals
  • Beautiful walking and cycling routes
  • Idyllic water features
  • Unique flora and fauna

Come and experience De Watering and discover the beauty of the Kempen nature!


  • Starting point and parking: Wateringhuis, Oude Maai 80, Lommel. Parking is available at the end of Koloniestraat.
  • De Watering is not accessible by public transport.
  • More info about the themed walks can be found on


Contact Natuurpunt for Wateringhuis and guided walks:

Kris Schurmans

+32 (0)472 40 85 20



Because of its high natural value, the nature reserve is only partially accessible: between hiking nodes 62 and 63. The trails are not wheelchair or pushchair friendly.

Wateringhuis is wheelchair and pushchair friendly.


Opening hours

Wateringhuis is open from 14.00 – 18.00 every Sunday from June to September, and every first Sunday of the month from October to May. You can also visit by appointment (request 3 weeks in advance).