Cycling through the Trees

Cycling through the Trees in Pijnven in Hechtel-Eksel, over an iconic bicycle bridge that carries you into the treetops. With this innovative cycling experience Bosland has added an extra layer of wonder to the Limburg cycling route network: this is Limburg’s biggest tourist asset!


This bike path takes you safely up off the ground. Literally, because you cycle on a double loop up into the treetops. Ten meters above the ground. Up here, you can see, feel and smell Bosland like never before. And it’s tantalizing again and again, even after your third or fourth time around the loops. An unforgettable experience. Also for children. The slope up into the canopy is gentle, making it a (cycling)dream even for the less experienced cyclist. This cycling experience is around a 12km bike ride from Lommel city centre. This ready-made, 39-km-long cycling loop takes you there and back.


Tip: cycling through the Trees is a nice bike ride away from Center Parcs De Vossemeren. A free cycling map is waiting for you. Pick them up at reception.


Did you know that…

The iron pole at node 272 is a geodetic measuring point? There are three of these in Belgium: at Lommel-Kerkhoven, Ostend and Arlon. These points are used to measure altitude and then drawn up topographic maps. Belgium was the first country in the world to present its territory with all of the peaks and valleys included.


Starting point: you can cycle to the attraction from anywhere you want, but you can also choose one of Bosland’s recommended loops.

Node: #272

Parking: this cycling experience is easy to reach from Pijnven car park, Kiefhoekstraat 16, 3940 Hechtel-Eksel. From there, you can take the bike path to node #272. It is strictly forbidden to park along the side of the road.



Cycling through the Trees is accessible to cyclists, hikers and wheelchair users from sunrise to sunset.