Children's adventure trail in the Sahara

Are you an animal lover? Then the Sahara is the place for you! Come get to know the woodlark and who knows, he might even teach you how to fly up into the trees. Do you think snakes are super cool, too? Then visit the smooth snake and let him show you how a snake slithers and it’ll give you the chance to look out over the whole area.


Blue route: 3 km

Starting point: Soeverein car park, Sportveldenstraat 10, 3920 Lommel. Follow the brown connecting trail across ‘Nieuwe Kopen’ to the starting point of the various hiking trails.

Parking: Soeverein (Sportveldenstraat 10), Voetbalstadion Lommel SK (Speelpleinstraat 20), De Lossing (Lossingsweg 21)



Because of the loose sand, the children’s adventure trail is difficult to reach with a wheelchair or pushchair.