Butterfly walk

From egg to caterpillar, from caterpillar to chrysalis, from chrysalis to butterfly: on this walk children learn about the different stages of a butterfly’s development while playing. The fairytale-like play and experience elements by artist Will Beckers that you encounter along the way are accompanied by educational explanations and tasks for children.


From egg to caterpillar… and from cocoon to butterfly… A butterfly only mates once in its life and can lay 200 to 300 eggs. Some butterfly species drop their eggs as they fly. And those are the eggs that you come across as stepping stones on your way through the woods. You will also find a jumbo and playable caterpillar, the butterfly’s miraculous growth process in the cocoon and a real butterfly takes children on its flight.


Starting point: Kattenbos, Zandstraat (no number)

Green route: 2.2 km

Duration: 1 – 1.5 hrs.

Price: free



The butterfly trail is wheelchair and pushchair friendly.