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Long walking routes

GR 564 Kempen-Condroz (Lommel-Huy)

It’s a walk of not less than 164 km from Lommel to Huy in the province of Liège. You will pass through a wonderful landscape: the Kempen sandy soil with the characteristic long façade farms, extensive heathland and pine forest, the wide stream valleys of the Demer and Herk, the orchards and the higher fields of Haspengouw, the picturesque villages in the Mehalgne valley and then the descent to the majestic river Meuse.

This walk warrants an unforgettable and very varied hike.

More information on the topographic map which is for sale at ‘Toerisme Lommel’. The map also contains information about the night- and provisioning facilities on the route.

More information on www.groteroutepaden.be

GR 561 Kempen-Meuse path

The 'Kempen-Meuse path' is a signposted walk that leads you along the nature of the Antwerp and Limburg Kempen. From Diest it goes to the wooded area ouf the southern Kempen, via the Nete valley to the forests and heathland around Balen, Lommel, Valkenswaard and Hamont. Then you pass through the meadows of northeast Limburg and along the border of the Kempen plateau you arrive in the Meuse land, right on the old Saint Servaas bridge in Maastricht. There are also connecting routes and alternatives to the railway stations of Geel, Balen and Neerpelt and through the Stramproy marshy land. 
More information at  ‘Toerisme Lommel’. Here you can buy a coloured topographic map with the marked route, local tourist information, exact details about the public transport system and hints for the nights and supply facilities.

More information on www.groteroutepaden.be 


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