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Location of Lommel

The town of Lommel, an industrious community in full expansion, is situated in the northwest corner of the Belgian province of Limburg.

In the north, Lommel borders on the Dutch Bergeijk. The municipalities Neerpelt, Overpelt, Hechtel-Eksel and Leopoldsburg are its neighbours in Limburg, Mol and Balen in the province of Antwerp.

With its surface of 10.232 ha (= 24.711 acres) Lommel used to be one of Belgiums largest municipalities, before the amalgamation.

Lommel is criss-crossed by the national highways N 712 (Mol-Overpelt), N 746 (Lommel-Leopoldsburg) and N 715 (Eindhoven-Hasselt). Via the north-south junction (N 74) and the relatively short distance to the E 313, E 314 and Baudouin mortorways, Lommel has good connections with the motorway network.

The Meuse –Scheldt canal in the north of the town is an important waterway, which is connected with the Albert canal and the industrial areas of Antwerp and Liège. The Antwerp – Mönchengladbach – Düsseldorf railway (the ‘Iron Rhine’) passes throught the town and lies along, or has branch lines to the local industrial estates. 


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