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Local Specialties


Our tourist shop is the place to buy a souvenir of Lommel. There are various things like: small thimbles, saucers with a drawing of Lommel sights, the Lommel jenever and liqueur, the Lommel coffee, sand figures, quartz miniatures…



Lommel has a new culinary speciality!

On Saturday 15th November 2008 three Lommel caterers played the finals in a competition to make the ‘real’ Lommel coffee. Danny Smits, owner of the “Lommel Broek” inn in Kerkhoven, came out as the winner. The contest jury needed an entire forenoon’s tasting, though. Together with burgomaster Peter Vanvelthoven, the former alderwoman for tourism Joke Loomans and the alderman for trade Geert Jansen, twelve Lommel inhabitants chose their most tasteful and original coffee. The development of the Lommel coffee is a first initiative within the framework of  “Tafelen in Vlaanderen" (= Dining in Flanders), that seeks to promote the local hotel and catering industry to pay attention to the development of tourist products with a culinary approach. For their presentation the candidates had to use a glass from the glassblowers’ atelier of the GLAZENHUIS as well as the typical Klotsenbos liqueur. ‘Klotsenbos is our local name for the elderberry bush. The ‘battle’ was fought by the catering establishments ‘t Tuincafé, De Brugwachter and Lommel Broek.

Particular combination

The entire jury finally showed a slight preference for the coffee, made by Danny Smits, owner of the Lommel Broek tavern. He presented a special combination of coffee with jenever, liqueurs and fresh cream. As a reward for his hard work, Danny was given the privilege to choose a piece of art of the GLAZENHUIS, to give it a place of honour in his inn, as a symbol for his victorious creation.




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