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The Leyssens mill

De Leyssensmolen
Katterij Dijksken
3920 Lommel

Opening hours
First Sunday of every month: free access from 13:00 till 17:00
Third Saturday of every month: free access from 13:00 till 17:00

- Adult: 3,00 euro p.p.
- Children ( 6-12 ): 1,50 euro p.p.
* Reservation required: Tourist Office Lommel, Lieve Ackx : +32 (0) 11 54 02 21

In Lommel you will find one of the most beautiful and genuine windmills in the country: the Leyssens mill.

The ‘Leyssensmolen’ used to stand on a little hill, in the middle of the wood. As it caught way too little wind there and therefore could not be operational, the mill got another location, next to Katterij Dijkskens. In 2013 the renovated Leyssens mill was officially opened during the mill festivities which attracted a considerable crowd.

The old mill was entirely dismantled and serviced in the atelier of mill builder Dirk Peusens.

And now for some history

The Leyssens mill was built at the end of the 17th century by the De Clippele family from Aalst. It is a so-called stake- or standard mill with a usual rectangular mill casing, mounted on a triangular foot by means of an oak pivot or stake. The whole can be moved according to the wind direction. The stake weighs 2,5 (metric) tons, the mill vanes together weigh 5,5 (metric) tons. The entire construction, everything included, weighs 26 (metric) tons.
The mill had several owners and operators. It thanks its name to the Leyssens family who exploited it for 45 years, from 1860 until 1905. In 1960 Peter Vosch, the owner at the time, sold the mill to the town of Lommel, which dismantled it in 1963 and had it reconstructed in Kattenbos in 1964.

At that time too little attention was paid to the growth of the trees. Besides the mill had not been used as a windmill since 1955, for lack of the internal grinding technology. In 1988 it was renovated in order to make it ready to grind again and to exploit it for tourist purposes. One year later the Leyssens mill was officially inaugurated. From 2003 onwards, it stood still because it caught too little wind. That problem is solved now. 

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