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Cycling - Generally

Cycling in Lommel and surroundings

The unique junction system that connects various cycling routes, was invented in Limburg. Now it is used everywhere!

Lommel, with its green surroundings is an important  junction point on the cycling route network. All routes of the cycling route network are interconnected by a system of junction points. These points are numbered and the numbers are clearly indicated on rectangular blue signs. The junction point system gives you unlimited combination possibilities.

This enables you to map out a route beforehand, e.g. by means of the cycling map that is for sale at € 9.50 per map.

Friendly welcome to measure for cyclists

Nothing is as pleasant as cycling on the cycling route network in Lommel. But on the other hand, nothing is as pleasant as having a pit stop from time to time, to enjoy one’s creature comforts. Besides, in quite some catering establishments along the network, you will be welcomed as a special guest. ‘Toerisme Lommel’ awarded a real ‘cycling label’ to a number of inns, because they offer special facilities to cyclists.


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