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Airbornepad Market Garden

Joe's Bridge ( Restaurant Den Brugwachter )
Luikersteenweg 283
3920 Lommel

Walking route Airborne path Market Garden

Follow the liberators of the Second World War? That is possible on the walking route “Airborne path Market Garden”. The Market Garden operation was the beginning of our liberation at the end of World War 2. Lommel was a crucial spot in this operation. It was Montgomery’s plan to increase the pace of liberation by capturing the eight bridges on the route from Lommel to Arnhem, from the Germans. 

‘Bridge 9’ in Lommel was the first bridge on this route. Since then this bridge proudly bears the name ‘Joe’s Bridge’, after the commander of the Irish army. A commemorative tablet at the foot of the bridge reminds us of the events on 10th September 1944. The 220 km long signposted walking track begins in the centre of Lommel and goes to Arnhem (NL).

You can buy an informative book with an itinerary of the walking track at ‘Toerisme Lommel’.

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